What is private lending?

And why should your clients care?

Many Australians are keen to get into the property market or expand their portfolio, but with rising inflation and increasingly nervous lenders, it can look like a struggle just to take the next steps. We see a lot of interested borrowers who aren’t initially aware they have options outside of the big banks when looking to secure a loan or mortgage. 

Private lenders are becoming an increasingly attractive option for many purchasers. But really, what are private lenders? 

Generally, private lenders refer to organisations that provide financing and/or loans in a similar fashion to a bank. They’re just…not a bank. There are distinct perks to this type of finance for many borrowers, including more flexible lending criteria, quicker turnaround times for applications, processing, and settlement, and our favourite – the personal touch for customers. We enjoy being able to offer our clients tailor-made solutions and a friendly face.

If you’re working with clients eager to purchase, refinance or require cash out for business purposes, but facing some serious financing hurdles, a private lender can be an appealing option for all parties. Are your clients

  • In the market for a quick deal with a short turnaround window for securing financing?
  • Keen to move into property market without an established track-record?
  • Held back by a lack of Australian credit history, or a long-ago record of bad credit?
  • An exacting client looking for a personal, tailored approach to financing?

If any of these sound familiar, a private lender could be a great fit. Negotiable trails, fast and easy application approval, competitive interest rates and terms and straightforward lending guidelines are just a few of the benefits of working with Baccus Investments Limited.