Kremnizer Mortgage Fund offers loans for business or investment purposes, based on first mortgages securities. 2nd mortgages will be considered in limited circumstances. The Fund has been active in mortgage lending since 2002.

Baccus Investments Limited holds an Australian Financial Services Licence under the Corporation Act 2001, and the Fund is a registered managed investment scheme.


Mortgage loans are secured on property to a maximum of 80% of the proper valuation. The Loan to Value ratio (LVR) percentage is a matter of judgment, and will often be less than 80% depending upon the type of security. Typically we are lending to a Loan to Value ratio of 65% on 1st mortgages.

Loans will be secured on various types of property, including, commercial, industrial, residential and vacant land.

Advances will generally not be made where loans fall within the provisions of the National Consumer Credit Code. Loans will be made in respect of securities in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


Baccus Investments Limited has established a panel of approved valuers. Each valuer is properly qualified, licensed and has at least three years experience in valuing properties for mortgage purposes. Valuations are required in all cases.

All valuations from our panel valuers must be under the instructions from Baccus Investments Limited. We do not accept valuations instructed from borrowers. Valuations must specify that they are for mortgage purposes; set out the methodology used; be on an "as is" basis, and must have a recommendation that the security is suitable security for mortgage purposes. ASIC requires that valuers, where possible, are registered under a State or Territory valuer registration scheme and include a statement in their valuation report on whether the valuation complies with all relevant industry standards and codes.

for all enquiries contact David Bleier or Levi Steiner on (02) 9327 7911 or email or

Keeping You Informed

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