Key Features

  • Each Mortgage Investment is a separate Syndicate with its distinct characteristics and risks.
  • Mainly first mortgage lending with the Loan to Value Ratio on first mortgage investments typically to 65%.
  • Standard term is 12 or 24 months.
  • Minimum investment of $1,000 and thereafter in multiples of $1.
  • No entry or exit fees (see section 11 or our current PDS).
  • Distributions of income to investors of a Syndicate are made monthly as at the same calendar day of each month as the day on which the Mortgage Investment is entered into.
  • Repayment of the principal is on the discharge of the loan.
  • Investment can only be made using the application form attached to the current PDS.
  • No related party loans.

As with any investment there are risks that an investor may face. These include the risks described in the PDS.
You should consider these before investing.

The structure of the Fund allows an investor to choose whether their funds are applied to a particular loan secured over a particular property. The performance of other Mortgage Investments made through the Fund, which may not suit an investor's particular objectives or tolerance for risk, do not impact on the investors in any other Mortgage Investments.

Since each Syndicate is separate from any other Syndicate, a default under one Mortgage Investment is borne by the relevant Syndicate Members and is not shared by the members of any other Syndicate.

The Member will be offered the opportunity to invest in a Mortgage Investment through a separate Syndicate SPDS. Each Syndicate SPDS is issued as a supplementary document to our PDS and will set out details of the particular Mortgage Investment, such as:

  • the amount that is to be advanced;
  • the property offered as the mortgage security; and
  • the term of the mortgage and the rate of interest payable.

It will also set out the aggregate amount to be contributed by Members wishing to be part of the Syndicate. Upon acceptance by the investor of the terms of the Syndicate SPDS, their funds will be advanced to the borrower under the Mortgage Investment selected by the Member.

Baccus Investments Limited does not provide any financial product advice, whether in the nature of personal advice or general advice, as to the suitability of an investment in the Fund. It therefore does not advise potential investors. Investors should seek their own independent investment advice before making an investment in the Fund or in a Mortgage Investment

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Keeping You Informed

Baccus Investments Limited is committed to full disclosure and provides you with the information on the following items: