How a private lender can fill the financing gap

Whether your clients are seasoned investors or getting into the property market as landlords for the first time, they might have a lot of questions about private lending. First and foremost, what is a private lender? Typically, a private lender is an organisation that provides financing and loans to companies and individual purchasers, much like a bank does. However, private lenders are able to offer a different experience to securing financing from a bank, and there are specific advantages that come with this.

Property investors can fall into a wide range of client categories – however, whether you’re dealing with someone’s fortieth deal or their first, sometimes a different approach is required. Investors aren’t looking for the dream home, they’re looking for the dream deal; and we recognise that when a good deal pops up, sometimes you’ve got to move fast. 

Private lenders can be flexible with their requirements and may be able to assist your eager-to-invest clients. Private lenders can green-light a quick deal thanks to reduced paperwork requirements, and can even offer flexibility on loan types. A client who needs more negotiable terms and conditions may be a perfect fit for a private lender.

If your clients have been denied financing by the banks, a private lender can often help. It’s worth exploring to see if a private lender can offer solutions like shorter loan terms or alternative repayment schedules to ensure your client’s investment dreams can move forward.

At Baccus Investments Limited, we’re always available to chat. We encourage you to reach out and learn more about why private lending could be the best fit financing for many of your current and future clients.