Meet the team and learn a little more about private lending

Sure, we know you already know the drill – you know private lenders provide loans and financing to companies for business and investment purposes, just like a bank. You regularly tell your clients how private lenders can offer a different experience than a bank when securing financing. 

You’re familiar with the unique advantages to private lenders, like reduced paperwork, faster turnaround times, expedited processing, and specialised offers. But are you familiar with the faces behind Baccus Investments Ltd? We’d like to take a moment and make some introductions

  • Robert Kremnizer is a Director and is the head of Lending and Investment. Robert has a major role within the management of our mortgage fund particularly in the credit assessment and the approval process.
  • David Bleier is a Director and Head of Distribution. David is responsible for sourcing new loan opportunities through his extensive network of contacts built up over 30 years in the finance and mortgage industry. 
  • Anthony Etzine B.Bus Sci is a Director and Compliance Manager. He heads up the team responsible for the day to day management of the mortgage fund as well as all of the compliance and regulatory matters. 
  • Rhonda Galayini is the in-house legal counsel. Rhonda heads up our legal team that handles all our legal requirements from settlement to the discharge of the loan, including security enforcement if necessary.
  • Levi Steiner (CA) is the Business Development Manager. Levi joined Baccus Investments Ltd in 2021 to help grow and scale the business particularly in its Investment and Distribution channels. 

We specialise in secured fixed interest investments, offering attractive returns to investors & fast, competitive finance solutions for borrowers. We work with a national network of property and investor clients, with active transactions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. In Australia, private lenders are regulated and are subject to ASIC oversight, so clients can feel reassured that their financial situation remains protected when using a private lender.

At Baccus Investments Limited, we’re always available to chat. We encourage you to reach out and learn more about why private lending could be the best fit financing for many of your current and future clients.