Meet the team and learn a little more about private lending

You may already be aware that a private lender is an organisation that provides financing and loans to companies for business and investment purposes, much like a bank does. However, did you know private lenders are able to offer a different experience to securing financing from a bank? 

There are particular advantages to private lenders, such as reduced paperwork, faster turnaround times, expedited processing, and specialised offers. Negotiable trails, fast and easy application approval, competitive interest rates and terms and straightforward lending guidelines are just a few of the benefits you’ll find at Baccus Investments Ltd. 

We specialise in secured fixed interest investments, offering attractive returns to investors & fast, competitive finance solutions for borrowers. We work with a national network of property and investor clients, with active transactions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Many real estate investors or buyers may not be familiar with private lending, despite this sector growing quickly. You may find that your clients have concerns around financial transactions with a private lender due to unfamiliarity with the compliance, standards, and practices required of private lenders. In Australia, private lenders are regulated and are subject to ASIC oversight, so clients can feel reassured that their financial situation remains protected when using a private lender.

Baccus Investments Limited must operate within the approved and prudent guidelines in terms of investment selection (credit assessment), the valuation of security and the management of the investment. We also have an independent compliance committee that includes two external expert compliance members. The legal work in respect of mortgage matters is handled by our in-house legal team of solicitors.

Customised, specialised lending scenarios are possible when dealing with a private lender. Having the luxury of flexibility means your private lender can help find the right deal for your situation. At Baccus Investments Limited, we’re always available to chat. We encourage you to reach out and learn more about why private lending could be the best fit financing for many of your current and future clients.