Why private lending at Baccus Investments Ltd might be right for your client

Private lending can be unfamiliar territory for even the most seasoned property investors, but it’s likely there will come a time at some point in most investor’s property careers where they may benefit from using a private lender. The key is to recognise when that day arrives, and be prepared with all the relevant information. That’s where we come in.

First things first – does your client know what a private lender is, or what they can offer? A private lender is typically an organization that can provide loans or financing much like a bank does. However, private lenders are unique in the manner they can be advantageous to their clients. It’s not uncommon to look for flexible lending criteria or quick turnaround time on loan applications through to settlement, and your client is also likely to enjoy the personal touch of working with an organization that is focused on their deal – they’re won’t feel like just another client in line at the bank. 

Unfamiliarity can breed anxiety, though. Here’s a few reasons why your clients don’t need to fret over dipping their toes into the world of private lending for the first time. 

  1. Expect a safe, well-regulated transaction
    In Australia, private lenders are regulated and are subject to ASIC oversight. New clients should feel confident in the knowledge that their financial transactions remain protected when using a private lender. 
  2. Quick doesn’t mean careless – quite the opposite
    While a private lender can often move a transaction along at a speedier clip than the banks, this doesn’t mean any details are falling through the cracks. Because your client’s loan is a unique lending transaction, they can expect an attentive eye for detail from their private lender. Due diligence is of utmost importance.
  3. Customisation is king
    Private lender specialise in, well, specialised loans. New businesses, small business owners, property developers and property investors looking for an unconventional property can all benefit from a private lender. Reduced paperwork, faster turnaround times, expedited processing, and specialised offers are all part of the package when working with a private lender. 

Whether your client needs to jump on an incredible real property opportunity, purchase an investment while waiting to sell an existing property, require cash out or just get back in the market after some financial struggles, a private lender can work to build a deal that is unlikely to be found with a traditional lender. 

If you want to learn more about how private loans can work for your clients, we’re ready to chat. Negotiable trails, fast and easy application approval, competitive interest rates and terms and straightforward lending guidelines are just a few of the benefits of working with Baccus Investments Limited.