What you and your clients should know

The world looks a little different lately – from tech advancements and global supply chains to market volatility and a booming real estate market, things just work a bit differently now. Finding financing for property purchases is no different. Soon-to-be-buyers are turning to private lenders for alternative solutions in a changed world. Do you know the advantages of using a private lender?

Generally, a private lender is an organisation that provides financing and loans to companies for business and investment purposes, much like a bank does. However, private lenders are able to offer a different experience to securing financing from a bank, and there are specific advantages to using a private lender. 

  1. Upfront terms make for faster transactions
    Private lenders are in the business of making a deal work for you – so you can expect upfront discussion around any legal or contractual terms to make sure you’re on the same page from day one. This means your deal can move faster, and so can you. 
  2. Staying flexible is practically guaranteed
    Reduced paperwork, faster turnaround times, expedited processing, and specialised offers are all part of the package when working with a private lender. If your client needs a customised deal that can still move quickly, it’s worth considering a private lender.
  3. Unconventional clients aren’t a deal breaker
    Whether your clients are business owners or developers looking to secure a deal without cashing out their assets, a private lender has options available. Many prospective buyers quickly run into a wall when seeking financing from traditional lenders, and this is where private lenders can bridge that gap.
  4. Tailor-made solutions are our business
    These days, customisation is a luxury that’s hard to come by. A private lender can help your clients build the right financing scenario for their deal. Whatever the situation, a private lender can work to build a deal that is unlikely to be found with a traditional lender.

At Baccus Investments Limited, we’re always available to chat. We encourage you to reach out and learn more about why private lending could be the best fit financing for many of your current and future clients.